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PMI is always looking for innovative new products that improve safety, outcomes, and cost effectiveness. To learn more about how PMI can help you reach its large network of customers, request more information here.
What if you could add over 60 clinically trained sales representatives to your team, backed by nationwide distribution, support, and established customer relationships at thousands of
healthcare facilities? What if they were expertly trained on your products, and through a consultative approach brought those products to the attention of key decision makers?

That's exactly how Progressive serves as an extension of your business.

PMI serves a nationwide customer base of more than 5,000 facilities, making Progressive Medical a market leader throughout the US. With such a large set of established relationships, PMI gives you instant access to a vast network of customers who regularly purchase specialty products from PMI representatives. Those representatives maintain strong clinical relationships with key decision makers and influencers within healthcare facilities across the US. That customer network continues to grow daily, encompassing even more IHN's, GPO's, and other healthcare systems nationwide.

Our extensive distribution network means that PMI can strategically warehouse product at locations across the US, giving customers the shortest possible shipping
times. Progressive can also work with just-in-time distribution houses, while continuing to provide clinical sales support for all products. Similarly, PMI can establish drop shipping programs that are supported by a dedicated customer service organization

Our Same Day Shipping policy assures that when customers place an order by noon for any product from our large selection of in-stock items, their purchase ships that day.

PMI's new information systems provide tracking and reporting to give manufacturers real-time sales data, much like the information you may use with your own sales force. In addition, Progressive's new,
technologically advanced warehouse and office facilities assure even better fulfillment of orders and strategic location of stock.

Our dedicated customer service team is staffed by Product Specialists who are available 24/7 to answer questions, assist with orders, and assure customer's complete satisfaction with every order.

At PMI, customer contact and listening is a part of our culture. We carefully listen to customers in order to understand their needs and their wishes. Which means that PMI can give you valuable information about
your products from the grass roots level. We call it 360-degree customer feedback, and it's designed to help you better understand customer viewpoints on your products.