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PMI is always looking for innovative new products that improve safety, outcomes, and cost effectiveness. To learn more about how PMI can help you reach its large network of customers, request more information here.
There are many ways to put medical products into the marketplace. Progressive believes that the most effective way to sales success depends upon focus… focus on a select product line, on relationships that lead to customer understanding, on distribution reach, and on win-win partnerships with superior product providers.

On this page you'll learn how PMI can leverage this focus to help you reach a large, ready customer base, and make use of a product support network that can become an extension of your own business.

On Partnership
"PMI strives to become an extension of our partner's own sales and marketing staff. By maintaining a tight focus on a limited range of products, our staff has the time, training and energy to really focus on our partner's products. That's a difference that both customers and manufacturers truly appreciate."
Mark Martin RN, BSN, MSN, MBA
President & CEO, Progressive Medical, Inc.