Progressive's Growth
Products Welcome
PMI is always looking for innovative new products that improve safety, outcomes, and cost effectiveness. To learn more about how PMI can help you reach its large network of customers, request more information here.
Over the last 27 years, PMI has grown to become a leading national provider of specialty medical products throughout the US, today serving more than 5,000 customers. That customer network continues to grow daily, encompassing IHN's, GPO's and other healthcare systems nationwide, all served by our regional distribution centers and our new Midwest headquarters facility.

PMI's new, technologically advanced warehouse and office facilities assure even better fulfillment of customer orders. Read more...

PMI constantly expands its portfolio of products and manufacturer relationships to offer customers a blend of complementary products focused on the needs of surgery/anesthesia, interventional radiology, critical care and IV specialties. By growing our portfolio of products in this balanced way, each product gains the sales attention and care it deserves. This careful balance is appreciated by customers who look to PMI as a full spectrum supplier within their fields of interest.

PMI's sales force continues to grow steadily as we hire and train experienced professionals. We understand that it is the quality of our team that makes PMI different. Each candidate must pass a rigorous evaluation process before becoming part of the PMI team. Extensive product training follows to assure that each representative is expert in each product he sells. A program of ongoing follow-up training and regular evaluations assure that PMI staff continue to grow professionally. This careful attention to staff development allows our product rep. team to grow, while maintaining the high standards that customers and manufacturers have come to expect from Progressive.