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PMI is focused on providing innovative products that improve clinical efficiency and thus help to reduce overall costs.

PMI maintains a select range of products for surgery/anesthesia, interventional radiology, critical care and IV specialties. (For a complete listing of products and literature, simply request a product literature or contact a sales representative.)

Often the time required to complete a procedure is the crucial factor in overall cost. That's why PMI has assembled an array of products designed to help clinicians work as efficiently and effectively as possible. The result is not only superior patient care, but a corresponding reduction in total costs that comes from streamlining procedures and increasing safety.

Many manufacturers trust us to be their exclusive distributor or rep. group because of PMI's singular expertise in specialty medical products. This also earns PMI exclusive pricing advantages which we pass on to customers.

PMI listens to healthcare providers, understands trends, and constantly seeks out new, high quality products that provide measurable clinical benefits. Rather than simply offering
an endless catalog of undifferentiated
products, PMI focuses exclusively on those products that stand above the also-rans. The result is a select offering of the most effective tools available today, supported by the most knowledgeable staff.

SAFETY As one of the most important considerations in medical practice, PMI actively seeks products which increase the safety of procedures. Such product innovations not only contribute to the safety of patients, employees and providers, but result in overall improvement of patient outcomes.
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